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Project Description

The purpose of this project was to fine tune our commercial photography skills by finding a product with a very reflective surface and photographing it in studio to create a professional image that could be used as a print or digital ad. Being a musician, I chose my steel snare drum which has a polished chrome-like finish which made it very difficult to work with, but the results are quite spectacular. The image was shot in a professional photo studio with proper lighting techniques and then touched up in Photoshop for the final, polished presentation.

Slide between the two images to see the radical transformation the image took over the course of the project, and click directly on the image to view it fullscreen.

To hear this beautiful drum in action, be sure to check out my music page!

Tools Used

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There's No Progress Without Process

Nathan Labrecque Creative Studio Shot
This was my setup while in the process of shooting in the studio. Getting the lighting, angle, and position of the drum was critical to minimize any reflections caught in the polished chrome finish of the drum, which would have to be taken out in Photoshop later.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Preliminary Shot
A preliminary shot that didn't make the cut. If you look closely, you can see just how many tiny and subtle imperfections had to be manually removed in the post production of the final image. Needless to say, not the type of work for those with any degree of Photoshop phobia!
Nathan Labrecque Creative Preliminary Shot
Yet another shot that didn't end up getting used, but this one was definitely a contender. The angle of the shot made for minimal reflections caught in the surface of the drum which would make any post production in Photoshop a lot easier. Who knows, maybe I'll touch this one up one of these days just for comparisons sake...
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